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Bathroom Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling
Complete Bathroom Renovation


       Below is a list of bathrooms we specialize in...




Which Remodel is Right For You?

Cosmetic Update


A cosmetic bath remodel is simply changing certain components of the room but not necessarily remodeling the entire space. This may be a new toilet, a new sink or faucet, replacing the tile, a new shower surround, or new cabinet hardware. If your bathroom is in fairly good running order but is just looking a little tired, this may be a good option for you. A few simple fixes and updates can often make a big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. The disruption with this type of remodel is minimal and can often be completed in a relatively short period of time.


Pull and Replace Remodel


A pull and replace bath remodel means replacing virtually everything in the bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, flooring, lighting, cabinets, etc.) but every component goes back exactly where it came from. This allows for a completely new bathroom with minimal disruption to any other area of the home.


Custom Bath Remodel


With a custom bath remodel, pretty much anything goes. This may involve reconfiguring the layout of the room or even expanding into an adjacent room or closet space. With this type of remodel, the entire room is redesigned, gutted, and completely transformed. This type of remodel is often ideal for someone with a smaller bathroom footprint looking to expand or for a bathroom with a poorly configured space that is in need of a more functional or aesthetically pleasing design.

Why Remodel?

  • Your bathroom may be out-of-date

  • Your bathroom may not function well

  • You may not have ample lighting

  • There may not be enough space

  • Something may be broken or need repair

  • You may be thinking about resale and increasing the value of your home

Bathroom Remodeling Trends


Some of today's most popular master bathroom

trends include:


  • Heated floors

  • Frameless showers

  • Furniture like cabinetry

  • Soaking tubs

  • Storage space

  • Universal design

Bathroom Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling
Complete Kitchen Renovation


Along with bathrooms, remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways

to add value to your home. It's time to convert your kitchen and give it the look and functionality you've been dreaming of. At M & R, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest quality of craftsmenship throughout your project. Our team has over 30 years of remodeling experience, each in their specific trades. We offer custom cabinet options to give you a great personal touch, as well as amazing functionality in your new kitchen!





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